Standard Definition High Definition  
        for equipment with analogue (SCART or RCA/Tulp) output for equipment with HDMI output  
    Send a copy of the AV device's signal to a location GigaView 545 GigaView 811 GigaView 821 TV Anywhere Wireless HD HDTV Anywhere  
    at the house where no cables are available. PP Picture GigaView 545
PP Picture GigaView 811
PP Picture GigaView 821
  GENERAL FEATURES              
      - Analogue (5.8Ghz) wireless          
      - Digital (2.4 Ghz) wireless          
      - Digital (5,1 ~ 5,6 Ghz) wireless        
      - Digital over power network          
  3D support        
  Range multi floor single room single floor full house coverage full house coverage  
        → 100m LOS, 30m through walls →10m LOS, 5m through walls → 30m LOS, 15m through walls → 200m LOS, 50m through walls → 300m with SmartLink PLC  
  # AV devices simultaneously connectable 1 1 2 1 2  
  Compression analogue none (uncompressed) none (uncompressed) Comparable with H.264 H.264  
  Delay   0ms 0ms 0ms <100ms <260ms  
  Audio analogue stereo AC3/DTS AC3/DTS digital stereo (PCM) digital stereo (PCM)  
  Maximum video resolution   576i 1080p/60 1080p/60 1080p/60 1080p/60  
  Infrared return function (AV equipment can be operated remotely)(1)      
  Connect your keyboard and mouse to the receiver to control your PC remotely(2)          
  Receiver invisibly located behind a TV/projector      
  Through the free app, a copy of the signal can also be received indoors on a smartphone/laptop          
  Additional functionality, such as programme guide and interactive tv, will remain available        
  Remote control          
  DIMENSIONS - Transmitter 90x60x22 30x83x18 192x97x32 140x84x22 182x97x32  
      - Receiver 90x60x22 95x95x32 95x95x32 140x84x22 182x97x32  
  PRICE RANGE 79,95 299,00 339,95 199,95 249,95  
  Smart Solutions at Home  
  (1) Operate the connected A/V device remotely. Operate a decoder located downstairs from the bedroom and watch the content on the bedroom TV.          
  (2) When a PC is connected to the transmitter, you can also remotely control the PC. To operate this PC, connect a keyboard and mouse to the receiver. Now, using your (2nd) television, you may work on your PC or laptop that is located elsewhere in the house.    
  (3) Possible to connect a tv to both the transmitter and receiver, so you can watch the same content in 2 separate rooms