Digital TV Anywhere

Digital wireless sender for all your digital TV channels

Price € 149.95
  • Watch digital TV far away from the decoder.
  • Watch and operate the digital TV channels from your decoder anywhere.
  • Extra functionality such as Video on Demand, Pay TV, Electronic Programme Guide, Time Shift and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) also remain available and usable.
  • Place your TV wherever you want, without having to consider the location of the aerial or satellite connection and without laying cables or drilling holes.
  • Retain original sound and picture quality as a result of digital transmission.

How does Digital TV Anywhere work?

The set comprises a transmitter and a receiver. Connect the transmitter to the SCART output on your decoder that is connected to the aerial or satellite connection. Then connect the receiver to the TV. The set sends on the picture, sound and commands from your remote control wirelessly.

If you want to watch two different TV channels on two TVs simultaneously, you'll need a decoder with multiple TV tuners.


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