MegaView 70

Stereo audio/video sender over coax cable + infrared return signal

Recommended retail price € 79.95
  • Watch and operate your DVD-recorder, decoder or satellite in any room with an antenna connection.
  • Create an extra TV-channel on the existing antenna network in your home and watch your DVD-recorder, decoder, satellite receiver and so on in every room with an antenna connection.
  • You can operate the connected A/V device from the room where you are watching TV.
  • Free of interference because of the solid metal housing.
  • You can also connect multiple IR receivers (for operating from multiple rooms).

How does the MegaView70™ work?

It's really simple! Connect the A/V device you want to use (e.g. a DVD player) to the MegaView 70, which creates an additional TV channel and places it on the existing antenna network in your home. Furthermore, you can continue to operate the A/V device that is set up in a different room with your own remote control.


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