MegaView 20

Audio video/sender over coax cable

Recommended retail price € 32.95
  • Watch your HDD-recorder, TV decoder or satellite in any room with an antenna connection.
  • Create an extra TV-channel on the existing antenna network in your home and watch your HDD-recorder, TV decoder, satellite receiver and so on in every room with an antenna connection.
  • You do not need a second HDD-recorder or set top box in your bedroom.
  • Easy to connect.

Technical specifications

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Voeding 230VAC/50 Hz, DC 9V/200 mA
Standaard PAL B/G
Modulatie frequentie bereik UHF: 473.25~855.25 MHz kanaal 21-69
Ingang Video, audio L+R (SCART, RCA)
Uitgangsniveau 75 dB V ± 5dB in 75 Ohm
Inkoppel verlies < 1.5 dB bij 860 MHz
Draaggolf audio 5.5 Mhz
Modulatie methode Dubbele zijband modulatie
Afmeting (h x b x d) 120 x 84 x 33 mm

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