IPTV Coax Pro

Reliable high speed ethernet (IP) over coaxkabel

Recommended retail price € 129.95
  • The best alternative for running a new network cable (CAT5/6).
  • Use your existing coaxial network to create a network connection (IP/Internet) at your A/V cabinet or at other locations in your house.
  • Provides you with a guaranteed stable highbandwidth connection for the most demanding HD video streaming equipment (IPTV, Smart TV, Video on Demand, Media Player, PC, etc.).
  • Interference-free network connection while maintaining all existing coax signals (digital/ satellite/analogue TV, radio, internet, telephony).
  • Bandwidth reservation and PQoS ensure the highest possible performance and reliability for multiple HD video streams and downloads simultaneously.
  • Network can be expanded up to 16 nodes (additional connections).
  • No IP or networking knowledge required for installation and use.

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