GigaControl 450

Long range 16 channel wireless remote control extender

Recommended retail price € 50.95
  • Transmit your remote control signal through walls and floors.
  • Operate your HDD-recorder, set-top box, satellite decoder and Stereo from anywhere in your home, even from your bed.
  • Works with your original remotes.
  • Wireless RF, transmits through walls and floors.
  • Manually select another wireless frequency (16 channels) if there is disruption from other equipment or if your neighbours are using the same set.
  • Compact design with inbuilt antenna.
  • No installation needed.

How does the GigaControl 450™ work?

The GigaControl 450™ comprises an IR Receiver and an IR Transmitter. Place the IR Receiver in the room in which you wish to use the remote control. Place the IR Transmitter in sight of the equipment that you wish to operate. Point the remote control at the IR Receiver in order to operate equipment through walls (wirelessly) via the IR Transmitter.


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