VideoDoorPhone 210

Mobile wireless video door intercom

Recommended retail price € 189.95
  • Always see who's at the door before you open it, from anywhere in your home.
  • Get a good view of people day and night, with a digitally adjustable camera angle, zoom feature and LED lighting.
  • Interference-free coverage, anywhere in your home.
  • Easy installation, using existing wiring.
  • Including missed call notification and automatic image storage of last 10 visitors.
  • Rugged, weatherproof housing.
  • Open the door remotely by electric door opener (optional).
  • Selectable doorbell warning: audio, visual and/or vibrate.
  • The door unit is provided with an extra AUX connector which gets activated when the doorbell button is pressed. Among other functions, this can be used for the activation of an (existing) conventional doorbell or for switching on the lights in the door/entrance.
  • Digital transmission - ensures interference-free calls.
  • The super-light mobile handset you can always carry with you.

Product information

This set contains the following parts :

1x Handset with charger stand and rechargeable Li battery pack
1x Door unit, including mounting bracket
1x Power supply, cable 180 cm, for charger stand handset

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