Play picture & sound from one decoder or satellite receiver on several TVs/projectors.

Connecting TVs at multiple locations in the home to one decoder in a central area? With the Marmitek MegaView 90, this is now extremely easy.

By default, all products in the Marmitek MegaView range consist of one HDMI transmitter and one HDMI receiver. A unique feature of the Marmitek MegaView 90 is that you may now connect additional receivers (sold separately) to a single HDMI transmitter. This enables you to extend the signal of, for example, a decoder, up to 120 metres over a single CAT 5e/6 cable, to one or more TVs (>10). Additionally, you can use the Marmitek MegaView 90 in combination with your existing home network (LAN), including routers and switches.

The Marmitek MegaView 90 is the improved version of the Marmitek MegaView 80. In short, it provides you, for the same price, with better image quality (h.264 compression) and the possibility of connecting additional receivers to one HDMI transmitter. If you also want to control the source device remotely, please select the MegaView 91, with built-in infrared return function.

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