Connect 420

Automatic HDMI switch with 3D support - 5 in/ 1 out

Recommended retail price € 79.95
  • Only one cable to your TV screen! Switch between the HDMI devices connected.
  • Suitable for connecting 5 HDMI sources to your TV simultaneously. You just need 1 HDMI input and you never have to switch cables again.
  • For connecting a game console like PlayStation and Xbox, Blu-ray Player, satellite receiver and all other HDMI devices.
  • Suitable for Full HD 1080p and all 3D formats.
  • With built-in repeater and equalizer for correcting any possible loss of signal, so you can connect up to 15 metres of HDMI cable to the output.
  • Switches automatically and/or with remote control.
  • Free of interference because of the solid metal casing.

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