Split 812 UHD

HDMI splitter | 1 in / 2 out | 3D | UHD | auto-scaling

Price € 79.95
  • Split and scale your HDMI signal to a 2nd (Ultra) HDTV or projector.
  • Enables playing video and audio from your HDMI device (Digital TV Decoder, Blu-ray player or HDD recorder) simultaneously on 2 screens.
  • The Auto Scaling feature automatically detects the highest possible resolution of your display, and can simultaneously display two different video resolutions again (1080p and 4k2k).
  • Suitable for 4k2k Ultra HD, 1080p Full HD and all 3D formats.
  • Supports High Definition LPCM 7.1CH, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.
  • * Devices supporting a maximum resolution of Full HD 1080p (v1.3), such as an HDTV, Projector, AV Receiver, etc.

Split and scale your HDMI signal to a second (Ultra) HDTV or projector.

Very suitable if you own Ultra HD equipment (4k2k), such as a Blu-ray player or Media Center PC, and you want to play a film/presentation simultaneously on your new Ultra HDTV (4k2k) and on an existing TV (Full HD 1080p) in another room (e.g.. meeting room, bedroom).

You can also connect AV devices to the Marmitek Split 812 UHD that are not suitable for Ultra HD, because the Marmitek Split 812 features a unique auto scaling feature.

This built-in auto scaling feature enables the Marmitek Split 812 UHD to automatically detect the highest possible resolution available on your TV/projector and simultaneously transmit two different video resolutions.

What does this mean for you?

You have, for example, an Ultra HD source (4k2k) and you want to be able to play a film/presentation simultaneously on 2 different TVs. One TV has a resolution of 4k2k and the other has a resolution of 1080p.

Normally, a standard HDMI splitter will now detect the highest common resolution of both TVs. This means that, in this case, both TVs can display a maximum resolution of only 1080p, while one of the TVs actually features 4k2k quality. Thus, the capabilities of the 4k2k TV are not utilised optimally.

If using the Marmitek Split 812 UHD in this situation, the Ultra HD signal (4k2k) would be converted to 1080p for the 1080p resolution TV, while the 4k2k signal would be transmitted to the Ultra HD TV. This results in both TVs displaying an image in the resolution that matches the TV. This is guaranteed to deliver the highest possible image quality for both TVs!

However, you could also have a 1080p HDMI source that you want to play on a 4k2k TV and on a 1080p TV. In that case, the Marmitek Split 812 UHD will instead convert the signal to a higher resolution (for the 4k2k TV).

The Marmitek Split 812 UHD is also suitable for 4k2k Ultra HD, 1080p Full HD and all 3D formats, and it supports High Definition LCPM 7.1CH, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. This enables you to always have optimal picture and sound quality.


Product information

This set contains the following parts :

1x HDMI splitter
HDMI kabel.jpg
1x HDMI cable |100 cm
Voedingsadapter met plug.jpg
1x Power adapter

Technical specifications

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AV input 1 x HDMI
AV output 2 x HDMI
HDTV resolution Max. 2160@30Hz
PC resolution Max. 1920 x 1200
Video bandwidth 10.2 Gbps
Clock frequency 300 MHz
HDMI standard HDMI 1.4, EDID, DVI, Deep Color 36-bit, x.v. Colour and all 3D formats
HDCP standard HDCP 1.4/2.2
Colour depth Max. 36-bit
HDMI audio DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital/AC3, DTS 5.1 and PCM stereo
Dimensions (h x w x d) 27 x 124 x 70 mm
Weight 170 grams
Ambient temperature +0 to +70°C
Humidity 10% to 85%
Power 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 5 VDC adapter

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