Bluetooth or digital? Our audio transmitters enable you to wirelessly send your audio to a Bluetooth headset or, for example, the speakers of your home cinema set.

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BoomBoom 50 | Bluetooth audio transmitter

Recommended retail price € 34,95
  • Adds a Bluetooth audio transmitter to existing equipment (e.g. TV, audio system, PC, laptop)
  • Streams sound from a TV to, for example, your Bluetooth headphones.
  • Uses advanced pairing technology.
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BoomBoom 55 | Bluetooth audio transmitter to 2 devices Bestseller

Recommended retail price € 59,95
  • Listen to music or TV on your Bluetooth headphones.
  • Enjoy your favourite TV show or music, without bothering anyone.
  • Features digital audio inputs and aptX technology for a superior music experience.
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BoomBoom 100 | Bluetooth audio receiver and transmitter in 1 New

Recommended retail price € 69,95
  • Stream HD audio to your audio system or headphones via Bluetooth
  • Stream audio from your TV or smartphone to your headphones or audio system.
  • In receiver mode (RX), stream your CD-quality music from your smartphone, PC or tablet to your audio system.
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Audio Anywhere 725 | Wireless digital audio transmitter New

Recommended retail price € 79,95
  • Send audio from TV or computer wirelessly to your stereo system, speakers or headphones.
  • Listen to the music you are playing in the living room and in other rooms (e.g. kitchen/ conservatory) simultaneously.
  • Digital audio transmission in HD quality via improved 2.4 GHz interference free technology.
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Audio Anywhere 625 | Wireless digital audio transmitter

Recommended retail price € 69,95
  • Enjoy music and TV audio wirelessly.
  • Transmit the sound from your TV or computer wirelessly to your stereo or home cinema set.
  • Listen to the music you are playing in the living room and in other rooms (e.g. kitchen/conservatory) simultaneously.
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Subwoofer Anywhere 635 | Wireless subwoofer connection

Recommended retail price € 69,95
  • Connect your subwoofer wirelessly to your surround amplifier.
  • Select the best position for your subwoofer, without any cabling lying around your living room.
  • Works with any brand of active subwoofer.
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website_product_Surround_Anywhere_221 copy.png

Surround Anywhere 221 | Wireless digital audio transmitter for rear speakers New

Recommended retail price € 129,95
  • The uncompressed digital link provides better than CD-quality sound, without interference or delay.
  • Improved 2.4 GHz technology prevents interference with your existing Wi-Fi equipment, making them work perfectly side-by-side in the same area.
  • Transmitter and receiver are paired (secure pairing), enabling you to use multiple sets in the same area (6 max).
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