Speaker Anywhere 350

Wireless 360° bath room speaker

Recommended retail price € 109.95
  • Enjoy your complete music collection anywhere in and around your home (bath room, kitchen, shed, etc.) wirelessly.
  • Garden party, BBQ or a romantic evening with just the two of you on the balcony? Create the perfect atmosphere with matching music.
  • Optimal music perception through high quality, omni directional two-way audio technology. The sound is spread 360°.
  • The speakers are rainwater proof and therefore perfectly suited for use in the bathroom.
  • Suitable for the audio output of for instance your iPod, PC, TV, DVD-/CD-/MP3-/MP4 player, etc.
  • Because of the wireless technology you can place the speaker wherever you want. Because of the optional battery power you don’t even need a socket.
  • Save energy with the automatic Power Save function.
  • Easy to install and to use; automatic frequency tuning and maintenance because of Auto Tuning and PLL function.

How does the Speaker Anywhere 350™ work?

The set consists of a transmitter and a speaker. You connect the transmitter to your audio source (for instance the CD-player). Then you can enjoy your favourite music everywhere in and around your home wirelessly through the portable speaker. No fuss with drilling holes, pulling wires, sticking cable ducts etc.


Technical specifications

Transmissie UHF
Frequentie 863 MHz
Bereik Tot 100 meter vrije veld en tot 30 meter door muren en plafonds
Waterdichtheid IPX3 (regenwaterdicht)
Frequentierespons 50 Hz - 10 kHz
Vervorming < 1%
S/N ratio 65 dB (typical)
Output vermogen 4.5 W (RMS)
Zender 37 x 100 x 100 mm
Speaker 210 x 200 x 200 mm
Zender DC 12 V 200 mA
Speaker 6x AA alkaline batterijen (LR20/AM 1) of DC 12 V 1000 mA adapter

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