BoomBoom 250

Water and shock proof Bluetooth speaker

Price € 89.95
  • Enjoy the music on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.
  • Get complete wireless enjoyment of the music from your mobile phone (mp3, online radio and online music services).
  • 100% waterproof and shock & dust resistant; ideal for any situation: at the beach, on the boat, by the pool, at a camp site or in the snow.
  • Also very suitable for use in cold, damp or dusty environments (tent, shower, work place, construction site).
  • Two high-quality drivers for full range stereo sound, with good bass and pure treble.
  • With built-in microphone; keep your smartphone safely stored away while answering a call.
  • Protective rubber housing all-around.
  • Suitable for all smartphones (with Bluetooth).
  • Includes a rechargeable battery for over 10 hours of audio enjoyment.

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