BoomBoom 50

Bluetooth transmitter | Bluetooth

Price € 34.95
  • Adds a Bluetooth audio transmitter to existing equipment (e.g. TV, audio system, PC, laptop)
  • Streams sound from a TV to, for example, your Bluetooth headphones.
  • Uses advanced pairing technology.
  • Provides excellent sound quality.
  • Ideal for the elderly and hearing impaired; hear the TV clearly again!  (when used in combination with Bluetooth headphones)
Discover how it works

Stream your TV's sound to your wireless Bluetooth headphones.

The BoomBoom 50 enables you to use Bluetooth to stream your TV's sound to your Bluetooth headphones! So, now you can also stream audio from audio-video equipment that has no Bluetooth (e.g. A TV) to your Bluetooth headphones! Enjoy a programme or a football match on TV without burdening someone, or hear everything that is said on TV in perfect quality.

Moreover, the BoomBoom 50 provides excellent sound quality and is therefore ideally suited to listen to your audio system's sound wirelessly through your headphones.

The BoomBoom 50 is also easy to set up. Just connect the product to your TV's USB connection (this provides its power) and then, to enable audio transmission, connect it to your TV using the supplied cable.

You only need to connect the BoomBoom 50 to your TV once. After this, directly pairing your Bluetooth headset with the BoomBoom 50 is very simple, thanks to its advanced pairing technology.

Next time, if you don't want to listen to your TV's audio through your headphones, you won't need to disconnect any cables from the product. (If connected to the TV via audio out)


Product information

This set contains the following parts :

BoomBoom 50 | Bluetooth transmitter -  | Marmitek
1x BoomBoom 50
Mini-jack kabel
1x Mini-jack audio cable | 70 cm
Mini-jack verloopkabel, female | 15 cm
1x Mini-jack adapter cable | 15 cm
USB verlengkabel.jpg
1x USB extension cable

Technical specifications

Bluetooth supported profiles A2DP
Bluetooth version V3.0 + EDR, class 2
Supported codec SBC
Range Up to 10 metres with class 2 receiver, up to 30 metres with class 1 receiver (clear field)
Audio delay SBC 170 ~ 270 ms
Audio frequency range 20 Hz - 20 kHz (± 3 dB)
Interface audio input 3.5 mm jack stereo
Dimensions (h x w x d) 13 x 33 x 66 mm
Weight 30 grams
Ambient temperature -10 °C ~ +55 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C ~ +60 °C
Power supply USB-A cable (included)



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