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There are several possibilities to view content from your decoder at a different location in the home. Curious about the different applications? Then read on quickly.

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Infrared return function

If you are using an audio video transmitter, the sender will, for example, be connected to your living room decoder and the receiver to the bedroom TV. Then, how do you operate the decoder downstairs, to get the content you want on the bedroom TV? This is possible thanks to a built-in infrared return function in the receiver. It sends your remote control's signal back to your decoder, enabling you to remotely operate the decoder. If you have an extra remote control for your decoder, you don't have to take your remote control up and down the stairs each time. If you choose an audio video transmitter, it is almost always advisable to opt for one that is equipped with this infrared return function.

Loopthrough feature

On many audio video transmitters, you can connect one HDMI source to the transmitter and transmit the image and sound to a TV in another location. If you just want to watch TV on your TV near the transmitter, you must first swap the cables. Inconvenient! Most of our wireless transmitters have a loopthrough output. This enables you to also connect a (1st) television in addition to the HDMI source. This so-called loopthrough connection enables you to simultaneously watch the same film or series at two locations in the house, and you don't have to switch cables if you want to watch football alternately in the living room and, for example, the conservatory.

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