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A neat interior with audio and video equipment placed out of sight in a TV unit or cabinet? Marmitek makes it possible to operate your equipment from anywhere in your home.
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Emitter LED

An emitter LED is a LED that you must stick on or near the red infrared eye of the device you wish to operate. This infrared eye is located on the front of your equipment. If the eye is hard to find, you can shine a light at the front of your equipment. You will then be able to easily find the infrared eye. On each device you want to operate, stick an emitter LED on or directly near the red infrared eye.

Blaster LED

A blaster LED is a LED that, unlike emitter LEDs, you don't have to stick on the sometimes difficult to find infrared eye of the equipment you want to operate. You put this blaster LED in a compartment of a cabinet that contains your equipment. The blaster LED ensures that all devices in the line of sight can be operated. You only need 1 blaster LED for 4 devices in one compartment. There's no need to stick a separate emitter LED on each device. Convenient! With an infrared extender with blaster, you can even operate 8 or more devices that are placed out of sight.

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