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Connecting multiple devices to your TV with a single cable, a connection deficit or incompatible digital and analogue connections. Solutions to make old and new equipment work well together can be found here.

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A lot of televisions now carry an HDR logo. What exactly does that mean? HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. HDR provides images with greatly enhanced brightness and higher contrast (brighter white and deeper black). Combined with better colour rendering, this creates a more realistic and natural image. In order to enjoy HDR, your TV does need to support the HDR feature. Material displayed in HDR quality (such as 4K Blu-ray, Netflix and YouTube) can then easily be played on your TV. HDR does not add more pixels, like 4K Ultra HD does, but rather makes the pixels that are there stand out better. We have several products in our range that support HDR.

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Our HDMI converters enable you to connect devices with a HDMI connection to devices with a SCART/RCA or VGA connection. HDMI connections can be found, for example, on televisions, game consoles, decoders and Blu-ray players. Devices with a SCART/RCA connection can, for example, be televisions or video recorders. VGA connections can be found on PCs, laptops or beamers.

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