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Wireless solutions that allow you to listen to your favourite music anywhere in the home. This may include wireless audio transmission from your smartphone, hi-fi system or TV to a 5.1 set, (passive) speakers, headphones or a garden speaker.

BoomBoom 460 - Bluetooth receiver - smartphone - music streaming | Marmitek

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aptX Low Latency

A common problem when streaming audio in combination with watching images is the synchronisation between image and sound. The latest aptX Low Latency technology prevents this so-called lip sync problem, so there is no noticeable difference between the image you see on TV and the sound that goes with it. To benefit from aptX Low Latency, both the transmitter and receiver (adapter) must be equipped with this technology. We have several music receivers (adapters) and a pair of headphones in our range that have this technology. For the best possible sound quality without delay, use the Marmitek BoomBoom 55 to stream audio to the BoomBoom 577 Bluetooth headphones. This combination is ideal for gaming!


In addition to SBC and aptX, AAC is also an audio codec that is used to transmit audio via Bluetooth. AAC is supported by iOS (Apple, iTunes) devices and is designed to achieve better sound quality than mp3. In addition to basic models, we also have audio transmitters and headphones that support both AAC (Apple devices and iTunes) and aptX/aptX Low Latency. So, whether you want to stream Bluetooth on an iPad, iPhone or Android phone, our products will work with any device that supports Bluetooth.

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