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Livng room with TV - AV devices | Marmitek

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Smart me applications

Making your house smart is much easier than it looks. With the Smart me products, you don't need any software or a separate gateway, hub or bridge. It's all plug & play. Let yourself be convinced by the simplicity and the things you can do with our Smart me products

Smart me applications
modern living room.jpg

Audio applications

Wireless solutions that allow you to listen to your favourite music anywhere in the home. This may include wireless audio transmission from your smartphone, hi-fi system or TV to a 5.1 set, (passive) speakers, headphones or a garden speaker.

Applications Audio
BoomBoom 460 - Bluetooth receiver - smartphone - music streaming | Marmitek

Operate applications

A neat interior with audio and video equipment placed out of sight in a TV unit or cabinet? Marmitek makes it possible to operate your equipment from anywhere in your home. Discover how it works.

Operate applications
Scenic living room with whte furniture and TV | Marmitek

Connect applications

Connecting multiple devices to your TV with a single cable, a connection deficit or incompatible digital and analogue connections. Solutions to make old and new equipment work well together can be found here.

Applications Connect
Connect | HDMI splitters- 2 TVs, different channels | Marmitek

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